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Looking at my peers

May 11, 2009
By Allure GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
Allure GOLD, Fort Worth, Texas
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The only thing to fear is fear it slef

Have you ever look into your peers eyes and wonder what would they come to be?
I have and all I see is death and misery.
I see many succeding
I see many bleeding
A few will become doctors and lawyers
Many will walk the streets with no hope.
They will have a job no higher then Jack in the box.
They will go home to a broke home
Many girls will get pregnate and screw there life up
Many boys will become a dad at a young age and leave them never to look back
Why dose my generation look so glum?
I see death in our eyes as we give you fake smiles
I see ourslef tearing piece by piece on the inside
I see people hiding behind there stauts
A few are happy
Many are sad
A few are okay
Many are insane
A few will live
Many will die

The author's comments:
It was on the spot thing so forgive all mistakes

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