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May 15, 2009
By rebekah dalm BRONZE, Tillsonburg, Other
rebekah dalm BRONZE, Tillsonburg, Other
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The droplets of liquid sunshine,
continuously cover the earth.

I was a young girl,
when the first dose
of the devilish disease,
was giv’n.

Round plump cheeks,
bonny blue eyes,
and to nature I took.
Attitude emergent.

My world,
it twirled,
the truth unfurled.

To this day
none know the cause
of the mischievous and mind
consuming ailment.

Some argue yes,
others, simply no.

I profess,
that infection is what my mother has.

I suppose we were all born with flaws.
For no particular cause.

Today I lay,
so still.
I am sad.

I hear the glass shatter.
I am sad.

Pieces of love,
lay scattered above
and way beyond.

Here lay pieces of compassion.
There lay pieces of care.
Yonder lays a piece of passion.
All in a new sort of fashion.

I hear them talk.
I hear them walk.
My mother.
My father.
And not to forget the other;
the one who decides the consequences.
The police officer.

Possibly it was just all pretence?

My world,
it twirling
the truth unfurling.

She is ill,
that is enough to fill,
my thoughts until,
the end of this shock.

I sit in a circus of sympathy.
Surrounded by empathetic companions,
in this time of ruthless lion taming.
Their facial expressions are hypocritical.

We are all born with flaws.

It continues through and through.

Some find this quite amusing,
it’s all really quite confusing.

And the rain comes tumbling down.

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