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May 19, 2009
By Shayla Smith BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
Shayla Smith BRONZE, Marietta, Georgia
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My heart races as we look into each others eyes.
I smile because you say you love me.
The rain begins to fall.
“But it’s over.”
My heart breaks as these words follow.

You walk away,
Leaving me in the sky’s tears.
Can you see mine?
The sweet drops running down my cheeks?
Of course not.
You don’t look back, you continue to walk.

The sound of the rain fades into the background.
“Don’t leave me.”
What did I do wrong?
Was I not good enough?
I gave you my heart.
You promised you wouldn’t break it
Yet, you leave it on the ground in front of me,
Shattered into a million pieces

What do I do now?
I am nothing without you.
I made you my life.
And now you’re gone.
You stole my dreams,
My hopes.
Did you really love me like you said?
Was I nothing to you?

Why else would you leave me without an explanation?
Without a reason?
I did everything I could to make you happy.
I abandoned almost everything in my life for you.

My sight blurs and you disappear into the darkness.
I fall to my knees and try to gather all the pieces of my heart.
But I can’t seem to pick them up.
What’s the point?
Why should I even try?

This was my own stupidity.
I should have known better.
I was an idiot to fall in love with you.
Now I have nothing.
What’s the point of living if you have nothing to live for?

I hold my hands to the center of my chest.
I can’t feel anything but pain.
But I can’t cry out.
My mouth can’t form the one word I so desperately want to say,

My body goes numb.
I fall completely to the ground,
But I can’t feel it.
I close my eyes and try to make everything right in my mind.
I try to pull myself together.

My eyes slowly open.
I’m surrounded by an abyss.
Emptiness is the only thing in sight.
I run my hand slowly up my arm, tracing every vain to test my sense of feel.
I hear a noise in the distance.
Thump, thump, thump.
My heart.
I run towards the noise that I longed to hear.
There sits my heart, in one piece.
I reach out to grab it, but it just floats out of reach.
Tears stream from my eyes as I struggle to grasp it.
But it continues to float even further away.
I fall to my knees in defeat.
Why do I even try anymore?
You don’t love me.
That’s been made clear.
Only fools fall in love.
Fools like me.

I watch as my heart fades away into the nothingness.
I don’t attempt to take hold of it.
I don’t try to stop it.
All I can do is watch as it disappears.

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