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May 14, 2009
By readingredhead33 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
readingredhead33 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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God how I hate him.
Hate hate HATE!!

But even though I hate him,
And I mean HATE him,
I love him too.
I mean he is my brother,

I can't hate him forever.

There are moments where we get along of course,
but then they are moments, alot of moments, that we don't.

I want to like him, I really do.
I want our relationship to be like mine with my older brother.

He's the cool one. The funny one.
The one who doesn't scream in my ear,
annoy the crap outta me,
never listen to me.

I actually like him.

My little brother, what am I going to do with him?
I want to slap him, kick him, punch him.
Gosh how sad does that sound?

I mean c'mon.
Listen to me.
A teenager wanting to kill her 8-year old brother.

And when I say kill...
I kinda mean it.But don't worry, I'm not actually going to kill him.

But I've never hurt him.
Well at least I haven't ever broken one of his bones,
but if u lived with him,
you would see what I have to live with.

Oh the whining and crying and screaming and..
I hate him.

But then I think about about how awesome he might be when he's older.
He might be a fun little brother.
Guess I have to wait a few years.
Oh boy.

Hope I can survive.

The author's comments:
I'm sure a lot of people hate their brothers. I just hope I'm not the only one who has these evil thoughts. Sorry bout that.

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