May 26, 2009
By keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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I still remember
that day
You called me
your best friend
I’d thought
I’d hoped
That just maybe
we were more
With those words
The reality of us
Hit me like thunder
Hard in the face
There was no us
By the way
those words
Came out
I could see
Even in the future
It still wouldn’t be
My tears were
as quiet as
The rain falling
At our feet

That was the day
my rainstorm started
Every time I see you
every time I hear you
Its another bolt of light
Across my dark grey
My friends are the stars
Lighting it up
Helping me
Try to find my way
They’ve stood with me
In my rain and caught it
On days when I just couldn’t
But its hard to keep going
With out a sun
To make life worth
All the rain.

Than one dark day
I met him
His simple smile
And “hey”
Brought a blush
back to my cheeks
I’d gone to long
With out
He became a star
Slowly shining brighter

As time has passed
He now is my moon
I don’t know if he’ll
Ever be a strong
Enough part of my sky
To over come my
Killing sun
But he just might
So I go on
Waiting each day
Hoping that the next
Will be my solar eclipse

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Alik_=) SILVER said...
on Jun. 3 2009 at 11:19 pm
Alik_=) SILVER, Rochester, Illinois
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I luved it Hanah! :) I'll rate urs if u rate mine, lol :D