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May 26, 2009
By keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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She is trying so hard
To help me through the pain
To make
It all go away and I know
If she could take it off of me
And put it on herself
She would

But she can’t
And what she is trying so hard to say
Just isn’t helping
Because what he said to me
Hurt me so deep
Only he has the power to heal it

But he won’t
It’s not on purpose
He doesn’t know
That by telling me
We’re not
Ever going to be
He almost killed me

She saved me
She’s what keeps me going
Even just talking to her
I can enter a whole separate world
A happy place
We can laugh and talk in there together
And when I need to cry and am falling apart
She’s what puts me back together

He cut me
Deep in my heart
Where no one else
Has ever gone
And it slowly will heal over
But every time he smiles at me
And I know that his smile
Towards me
Is just a friend
The cut will reopen and
I will bleed for him
All over again

And I know
She will be standing there
Next to me holding
Me while I cry
And that’s
How I keep going
Knowing she
Unlike him
Will never
Leave me
To cry alone

The author's comments:
this is for my twin

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