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Days of our life

May 26, 2009
By keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
keyboard_musican SILVER, Springfield, Illinois
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Any day
When I feel like
I’m about to break
I call you
Just hearing your voice
Lets me know that you care
And even though
it seems rough
It will get worse
But you’ll be there
So I know
I’ll be able to make it

I wish
you were walking
Next to me
every step of my day
But what helps
is knowing
that you are
And will never

Many days
When I can’t
Keep them in
You help me
let them out
And for the first time
I feel like
its okay to cry
Because you’ve
taught me that
It is

Good days
People have to think
That we need help
And we do
We help each other
Make it through
When we are bye
Each other
And are so happy
We seem high
Then they just get scared
And I would too

Bad days
When we realized
There are more
Bad days
Than good
We began
The fight
To change that
And have never
Stopped fighting

Average day
We try to listen
As we begin our mornings
With a lesson
At six in the morning
Without falling asleep
When we have lived
through school
Then we relive it all again
To the other
Over the phone

After our hearts
have been broken
A million more times
Then we will each find
Our one
And have
a family to love, bills to pay, and
Kids to put up with
But because we can
Survive This
we will survive that
And our kids will play

One day
When we’re all grown
We still will
talk and
Act crazy
Lets just be extra nice
To our kids
So after we get kicked out
Of our first nursing home
They’ll put us in
The same one again

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