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missing you

May 26, 2009
By lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
lizzybaby SILVER, Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Your name is inscribed,
on my heart,
with every beat,
you become a part,
of who i am,
you're what i need,
to be happy forever,
and i truley believe,
i could never love,
anyone else,
cause i've never felt,
the feelings i've felt
when im with you,
your arms wrapped around me,
hoping it wont end,
that i'll never have to leave,
i miss you so much,
i really cant explain,
it kills me to know,
that this causes you pain,
but dont worry love,
this seperation wont last,
soon enough this pain,
will be a thing of the past,
i promise i'll love you,
just keep loving me,
because our love,
knows no bounderies.

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