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Who's pulling your strings?

May 31, 2009
By Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
Daniel Blumin PLATINUM, Tenafly, New Jersey
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I know your not speaking
The words you should be
There is a demon inside you
Directing you what to see
You never have forgotten
A friend in a storm
So why do you now
Leave us behind
Why when you speak
Only silence erupts

You aren’t yourself
I can sense it
Don’t lie
No need to tell us
That you are just fine
For I know deep inside
You don’t speak from your heart
Something controls you
Whispers doubt in your ear
Friends you have known
Become your worst fear
Its unlike you
Only your body alone

You just wouldn’t say
I’m fine for a while
And conceal your feelings
When you know you’re on fire
I don’t know you
An act in a play
An actor
A mask
A lie here to stay

So who’s pulling your strings?
Who’s the puppet master at arm
Who is the fiend
Who stole the friend I belong
Who’s pulling your strings
Who’s the man holding your wire
For I know deep inside
Your soul is on fire
Who is the master
That makes you conceal
What you yourself believe to be real
For what are you
But a puppet
A pawn in a game
One that is sacrificed
And then tossed away
Who are you
If you are not one to decide
What is right or is wrong
And what feelings reside

So tell me now
Who is your master of puppets
The man who tells you
Who yanks on your string
So tell me now
Why are you so moldable
Why can you not
Decide for yourself
So tell me now
Why is your master of puppets
So important
So strong over me
So explain to me here
Why I am your new fear
Or is it your master
Who tells me away

Now what are you to me,
If you are too blind to see
That I am your true only friend
If you are mistaken
And so easily taken,
It is your string puller alone
who will lend you a hand.
For I will be gone
Mourning the loss of a friend
Who was taken away by that voice in your ear
What use are you to me
If you will not listen
If you will not decide
On your own.
What friend are you to me
If that voice blinds you
And you cannot see
So who’s pulling your strings?
Where is that I laugh I once loved?
Where is the heart and the love that once resided
For I know it isn’t gone
Only locked up in a vault
It isn’t not the world’s fault.
Why is your heart in a cage
Why can’t you speak true and free
Why is it that you cannot decide upon me
If you are human
Then decide on your own

Your pulling your own strings
That’s how it should be
You killed off that voice
And began to see
Your heart fell back out
Free out of that cage
And your emotions held fast
Broke free and spilled out
A fist no longer
Held your head in it’s grasp
You are you
Nothing can change that.

Now you are speaking
You can tell wrong from right
Laughter contagious
Your world filled with light
And all you had to see
Was that someone was pulling your strings
And to stop and look back
And to want to break free
Soon you had realized
Only your own thoughts can be best
Your mask is thrown off
I see you once more
I was always here for you before
You are my friend
And that’s what we’re for.

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