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Violence: It's Never Worth It

May 30, 2009
By babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
babybunny DIAMOND, Hickory, North Carolina
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Favorite Quote:
"there are no friends or enemies in this life; just selfish desires based on instincts and self lustings."

Fake smiles;
Fake people,
Hidden behind their lies.
Hoping that inside and out,
That they won't fall from the proximity of their popularity,
And die.
Peopl scared;
People dieing,
All because of this lieing;
This love and hate,
That contradicts life-
Filling hearts with death,
And strife.
People on the street panic,
And start killing,
Hopeing that it'll bring some feeling,
Of love and hate in their life;
Even if it envolves blood-guns-death-knives.
Fists pumping;
Mouths flapping;
Saying *** thats causing the attackings.
Falling from the top,
To the very bottom,
Just because the human race,
Can't live with grace;
Has to have violence in this world;
Even if it means killing every little boy and girl.
Sitting in the back of a jet,
On the way to the battlefront;
Has anyone seen the wrong here yet?
Laughing at the blod and gore,
As the little ones cry over their parents' graves,
More and more.
"Gangsters" yelling and screaming,
For more and more blood spilt.
Don't they fel any guilt,
For the ones they've killed?
Now everyone who's out there-
Children of God;
Stop and ask yourself,
Is all this violence really worht it?
Just to hurt someone else,
When we all bleed the same color;
When we all feel the same pain?
Violence: It's never worth it.

The author's comments:
i hate violence adn i want it to stop.

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