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November 8, 2022
By Suzie01 GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
Suzie01 GOLD, Springfield, Massachusetts
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I'm the new girl

A spot on their white

But they don't understand

I've been avoided my whole life


It's because i'm not white like them

I'm not their type

They've known each other all their lives

So they avoid me


I try to be nice

But I end up being a joke

Someone to laugh at

It hurts though I'm used to it

So I guess I'll stay avoided


Who I thought was nice

Turns out being like everyone else

Joined in the joke

Now I've truly lost hope

So I guess I'll always be avoided


My tears mean nothing

The hurt is another thing

To be made fun of

To be avoided

So that's how I'll always be 

The author's comments:

Bullying needs to stop. This is my experience.

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