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You Are Life

June 12, 2009
By Alyssa Byrnes SILVER, New Fairfield, Connecticut
Alyssa Byrnes SILVER, New Fairfield, Connecticut
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Life is precious
Life is exciting
Life is invigorating

There are too many things that could happen
But not enough that do

I wish that I could fly
To see the lands of the great
Where the mighty explorers once roamed

I wish that I could dive
To where the creatures of the sea live
To explore a world that is only explored by an elite few
To make a difference

I want to feel the wind
As it laps against my face
A gentle breeze
Or a raging typhoon

I want it to rain
The torrentional mass of falling water
Or the steady drizzle
The rain beating the ground in frustration
Or the soft and calming effect

The sun so bright
Blinding and unforgiving
Or warming and forgiving

The snow so majestic
So tranquil and undisturbed
Or a swirling wrath
Heavy and wet
Barricading all trespassers

I wish that I were a bird
So that I could soar above the treetops
High and proud
With not a care in the world

I wish I were a fish
So that the unknown was land
And the water’s secrets were my own
So that I knew
Life happens all around you
Don’t be scared
Embrace every unexpected turn
Don’t waste time thinking of what you would rather be
But what you are at the moment now

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