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June 14, 2009
By Kira Greenberg SILVER, Kendall Park, New Jersey
Kira Greenberg SILVER, Kendall Park, New Jersey
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scratchmarks on the page,


around with layout
it all looks nice but still i can’t think.

what can i write about?

something inspiring, sure—

but what?
some birds?
a tree?
a stone?
or perhaps a man walking on the street

quietly, alone

dancers leaping like gazelles,
graceful in the air
children running through the fields
without a single care

like a stream in the depths of the forest,

i wish the words would flow
if only i could find a muse
to let the process go

two roads diverged in a wood—delightful,

i, too, hear america sing
but i have zilch

to write about
i am no e.e. cummings

i’ll have to come back later,
who am i trying to kid?
i simply cannot write a poem!

oh wait,

i guess i did.

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