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A World Awaits

June 19, 2009
By Lubna Kapadia SILVER, Toronto, Other
Lubna Kapadia SILVER, Toronto, Other
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What are fairytales?
Are they just storybooks parents read to their children to keep them quiet?
Or is there really some far-off land that humans have not discovered?
Maybe there really is a place where the dark shadows come out at night,
Or a place where if you go to the Wishing Waters and wish with all your heart your wish might be granted
Or maybe if your lucky enough to catch a sight of a snowy owl you will have good luck for years to come
And maybe in this magical place under every bridge there is a troll waiting to greet you with a riddle
Or maybe at Stone Caves the Olympics are for fire breathing dragons and creatures pay 200 snowy owl feathers to come and watch
Or maybe the legend of the silent forest is true,
Maybe the rocks talk
Or maybe in this magical place at the end of a rainbow there is a bucket of gold which you may keep and pick a rainbow color and construct your own rainbow house!
Or maybe in this place if you make an elf mad and he bites you, you could and up in The Wizardic Hospitality Medicine Cave
Or if you tell too many lies your own voice can be taken away!
Who knows
Maybe there really is a place like this
But we must hurry and find it soon because
A World Awaits

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