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~Raven Bay~

June 29, 2009
By KatNSky SILVER, Salem, Missouri
KatNSky SILVER, Salem, Missouri
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Will I be happy?
Will I be loved?
Can I see you, can I touch your face
Just one last time?
Will I be fine, will I be safe?
Time will only tell.
My cuts will be scars,
My wounds will be healed
I’ll find my way and maybe see you again at
Raven Bay

Will I move on?
Will I miss you?
Can I hug you, can I hold you
Just one last time?
Will I be the same, if ever I return?
Will I be there for you?
I’ll never know
Until I go.
Maybe, someday I can return to
Raven bay

Will I find what I’m seeking?
Will I ever come back?
Can I tell you the truth; can you handle what I say?
Will I stumble, will I fall?
I suppose I will
Everyone is off balance
Once in a while.
My faith will return; my strength soon restored
And one day I’ll come back to
Raven Bay

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