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Passion's End

July 1, 2009
By Noreen95 BRONZE, Totowa, New Jersey
Noreen95 BRONZE, Totowa, New Jersey
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Passion's End

Do you feel that thump?
That constant beat?
That is how my heart acts
Every time we meet

You're my own drug
The fire in my veins
You send my head spinning
And racing down the lanes

Your kiss is my vodka
Only you quench my thirst
To me you're never second
You'll always be first

Your touch is my addiction
Making me want more
Each and every feeling
Burning me to my core

The way you look at me
Sends shivers down my back
I love the way you move
I love the way you act

Throw me down on the bed
And show me your heart,
This isn't the end
We're just about to start

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