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Mask Pain and Love

July 10, 2009
By JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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Mask Pain and Love

You hide yourself, but I see you clear.
Under darkest night your silhouette does not disappear.

You want anonymity, so you concentrate your lies.
But still I see you’re ever fitting disguise.
This mask can only hide your scars.
It will make nothing really change.
The only real forces in this cruel world,
Are those of love and pain.

Pain has power to corrupt, to destroy.
It gives right to murderers, rapist, and bullies.
Many evil things have been done in the name of pain.
But some good things are done, and these are those things that love has sustained.

Pain to show love, and love for the sake of pain.
The only two complexities in every good moral.
The best I can think of is one of a man.
Who said he would die to save his world.

And he did so lay down his life for all of his friends.
He paid the penalty of pain for you and for me.
This the greatest of all love stories,
Is also the most painful of tragedies.

For pain to cease, love must die.
But for pain to exist no more, love must thrive.
This riddle hath Satan given God ending in loves demise.
Gods answer, he brought love back to life.

You no longer have to wear this mask
Your face will do just fine
If love died so that I could have life
I would never ever doubt such love divine!

If your mask is heavy,
or out of style as most are
Then take it off
If you don’t I’ll rip it apart.

Its not healthy, speaking of your mask.
You’ve worn it far to long, you’ve forgotten your face.
Your mask is not for protection or for show
Except to show your shame and your disgrace.

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