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Crying the storm

July 10, 2009
By JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
JaredC PLATINUM, Louisville, Kentucky
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Crying myself to sleep
The tears filling the endless chasm deep.
Why haven’t I stopped.
There is always another, after the last has dropped..

I cry not for another.
My own voice sustains this painful thunder.
This storm will never cease.
And my tears provide the rain that this monsoon needs.

And as I exhale
The mighty winds begin to blow.
Bursts of icy hail.
Such misery, one should never know.

This night roles on.
Past the darkest point, but no dawn.
No stars to wish upon.
But the storm bellows on, and on.

A voice whispers
Through the mighty gale.
“Nothing in this storm
Will test you beyond where you are able.

I did not let you come this far
To put you through this storm, and tear you apart.
You are mine, and I care for you.
This is just one of those things that I will pull you through.

When you are through this storm,
That I will help you through,
Then you will be my witness,
And you will help others too.”

So I set down my pride
And let him rule my life,
And as the drops stop their fall
I no longer feel like crying.

When I see another storm on the horizon
It is haunting another sole in its dark cover.
I see that it does not move Its grim station.
Another great soul it hopes to sunder.

I say that no more souls will these clouds plunder.
This is nothing that should push the human race under.
I forge into the clouds with courage and hope of saving this other
From the fate I almost had to suffer.

I try to get in, but the clouds push me away.
These clouds make quite a barrier.
This will not work.
I can not help him for out here.

I can only call into the storm hoping that he will hear.
This is all I can do, but I will never quit.
His death is the only thing I fear.
So I will never my calling desist.

If the clouds should break.
And he should appear.
And I see his face.
I will my story share.
Hoping to hear his,
And how he survived the storm.

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