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Trying to Bring Hope to a Dark World

August 1, 2009
By keikori BRONZE, Place, Virginia
keikori BRONZE, Place, Virginia
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Head in her knees,
She closed her eyes.
Lifted up slowly,
And silenced her cries.

This wasn’t her,
Not who she used to be.
She was a fighter, right?
No need for silent pleas.

The warrior inside,
Started to come.
She thought it was gone.
Where was this from?

Weakness faded,
And brought a new light.
Things would get better,
But she would still have to fight.

Stand up now.
Get off your knees.
Don’t give up today.
This is the day to seize.

Look inside,
Let the darkness go.
Take the light in.
Let yourself grow.

What’s bad today,
You’ll get through.
And in time,
You can start anew.

Tomorrow will be different,
And if not, next week.
Or perhaps next month,
You’ll find what you seek.

But don’t give up hope.
Feel free to attack.
Don’t settle for darkness,
Just learn to fight back.

The author's comments:
We can get through everything that's thrown at us as long as we don't give in. The world is growing void of hope even though hope is the only thing that can keep this world alive. Ironically though, I wrote this when all hope had left me.

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