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A Mistake of a Lifetime

August 1, 2009
By Vikki-toria SILVER, Marienville, Pennsylvania
Vikki-toria SILVER, Marienville, Pennsylvania
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" I hate you!",
I screamed,
As I stormed out of the house.
It seemed that,
I hadn't learned
What life is about.
It's not about what you want,
But about how much you love,
And how much you live life,
That matters the most.
Now as I sit here,
And think of these facts.
It seems so stupid of me
Not to See
How full life realy was,
And as I sit
On this hospital bed;
Reviewing the past
I realize that,
My life wasn't so bad.
The mistakes I have made,
These past couple of hours
Have changed my life,
For now and forever.
The car accident I had,
Left me paralyzed, for now,
From the waist down.
But the worst part is:
I was drinking and driving.
So now I have made a mistake,
That I have to deal with
For the rest of my life.
Make this your very own rule:
No drinking and driving.

The author's comments:
I was inspired to write this after thinking of the mistakes I have made.

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