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August 17, 2009
By Zachary Wendeln SILVER, Aurora, Ohio
Zachary Wendeln SILVER, Aurora, Ohio
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What face should I wear today?
Eggshell white and rosebud rouge
Unbalanced by a nose nurtured on deception
A Glasgow grin fit for my wicked endeavor.

Artfully crafted ivory lies
Spill from my parted mouth
Pebbles rolling down
Though not as easy to scatter.

Two hearts break as one
Looking glasses shattered
Tinkling shards roar like crashing boulders.
Does it matter if no one hears?

Secrets, secrets are no fun
Carving us up, consuming our hearts
Craters fit for moonwalkers
Smooth stones crush papier-mâché bodies.

Paper lips slur my words
A painted tongue strangles them
That damn sugary sentiment
Muffled by chapped porcelain.

I choke on hidden truths
You sixpence none the wiser
Both asking enigmatic questions, digging
For pearls of wisdom among the silent sand.

Speaking could set us free.

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