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Rampaging Beast

August 5, 2009
By Vikki-toria SILVER, Marienville, Pennsylvania
Vikki-toria SILVER, Marienville, Pennsylvania
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Rain falling down my face.
As I try to keep the pace,
Running as hard as I can,
Trying to get away from that man.
I'm totally lost right now.
How do I get back to the road, oh how?
The woods are closing in,
As I imagin terrifying beast,
But none are as terrifying as he.
The one who tried to capture me.

let us go back seven minuets ago.
When I wandered from the road.
There he was, waiting for me.
I turned dto run,
But he grabbed me.
I couldfeel his hot breath,
Blowing on my neck.
I managed to tear free and run.

Now I have to slow down,
Cause I can hardly breath.
i think I can hear him comig in behind me,
And I have no strength to fight back,
He grabs me,
And puts a hand over my mouth.
As I try to scream for help
But now realize my life,
As I knowit.
Is coming to an end.

The author's comments:
I wanted to write this poem to show how scary it actualy is to be raped. Also to create more awarenessof it.

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