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August 25, 2009
By evil_naiad PLATINUM, Afton, Virginia
evil_naiad PLATINUM, Afton, Virginia
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Oblivious to this lonely dream
But for our wanderlust
Speaking in tongues of hate
Like the acidic stardust
That burned away our shoes
Till we hid ourselves under the waterfall

Birds got pounded by the waterfall
When they flew into its broken dream
And would have stolen our shoes
If not for the powerful wanderlust
That had us off sprinkling the world with stardust
In those years we were blinded by hate

Another one’s memories of hate
Bloody swordfighting by the waterfall
Piercing screaming as the stardust
Fell from the sunset and landed in our dream
As we walked away to the squeaking of our shoes

The secrets tucked into our shoes
Rubbing the burn marks of your hate
Scratched deep into my wanderlust
I ran back to the waterfall
To fall into another dream
Where unicorns frolicked in the stardust

And when all the stardust
Melted my sleep into my shoes
And I woke up from the stale dream
To hear lovers screaming of hate
We all took refuge under the waterfall
We’d stay there forever if not for wanderlust

Another year driven by our wanderlust
Getting trapped by frozen stardust
Hiding inside the crashing waterfall
Chilled by our soaking shoes
But loving the time away from the hate
Removed from the world and living in a dream

Another frozen dream of wanderlust
Riddled by hate burning up the stardust
All the lost travelers put their shoes in the waterfall

The author's comments:
a sestina. form poem thing.... yesh.... that's why you have the confusing repeating words.

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