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September 7, 2009
By theUnknownandtheAnonymous PLATINUM, Stockton, California
theUnknownandtheAnonymous PLATINUM, Stockton, California
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"All that is required for evil to prevail is for good men to do nothing." - Edmund Burke

Oh, what a situation I've gotten myself in
I'm stuck between the way I am and the way that I've been
I can see the stars, just not the glow
I can see your mouth moving. But are words coming out? Who really knows
I'm just another misconception
Of a know-it-all, but who really knows everything?
And if you say that it's you
Then why are you hurting from reality's sting?
Just like clouds covering the sun
From faith eclipsing fear
I just want to disappear
From covering my perturbed eyes
Too destroying the evidences of my tries
I just want to disappear
I spot you there, all alone away from me
You see me coming towards you; are you just gonna dry up and fly away like a leaf?
I can see your fists clenching, just not the action
Will you go with your gut, or will you just stay
in your pride's satisfaction?
Your just a portrait of your old and lonely self
You know, the person you really wanted to be
But now, your without luck
But it wasn't luck that got you this far. Too bad you can't see
Just like clouds covering the sun
From faith eclipsing fear
You just want to disappear
From closing your tired eyes
Too destroying the evidences of your tries
You just want to disappear
We're all lonely in this world of never ending rain
We make our mark with this endless bleeding stain
I can see the light, just not the safety
Will we ever get out of this ever deafening city?
Oh, all I ever wanted was a way to get out of feeling
Oh, the pain always overcomes the smile on my face
I've always wanted to rise up above this sense of urgency
But embarrassment always puts me in my place
And thinking that whenever it comes, I'm safe when I safely get away
But then it comes back around and ruins my day
I can hear you loud, but not that clear
I want to run away, but it seems I'm still here
Oh, I just want to disappear

The author's comments:
A lot of people were worried about this poem when i showed it to them. it really seems kinda dark, but it really isn't. this poem is just about embarrasment. we've always been there when something happens and you just wish you can disappear from that moment, or drown out the laughing going because of what you did. this poem is all about moments just like that

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