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One Step Behind

September 15, 2009
By soccerchk1 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
soccerchk1 SILVER, Naperville, Illinois
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Ever feel alone? Like when someone tells a joke, and you miss the punch line. Well thats how I feel almost every day when Im wth my friends. As we walk home from school,and they giggle and listen to music,I walk behind them, listening to my ipod thinking about how the day went and all my homework thats coming up when i get home. Its not that bad, really. I dont want your self pitty! Sometimes I try to talk and they listen they laugh and I laugh. But then, I fall behind.
WE all go our sepertate ways, Cai to her house, Hailey down her street. Sarah,my friend, and I walk down the grassy are on to the road where she will go to her house, and I will walk and go my way, talking and laughing with her the whole way. Nobody knows how I feel,not even sarah. I cover it up with jokes nad sarcastic remarks, and stupid comments. I cant hide the hurt and thats why this feels good. So if yuo have a friend who is alone sometimes, and jokes and is mena sometmes, i know it sounds bad but talk cuase it will make you feel better,instead of one step behind.

The author's comments:
well, i walk homwe from school every day and sometimes feel alone....

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