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October 10, 2009
By jordanjanzen BRONZE, Saintjames, Minnesota
jordanjanzen BRONZE, Saintjames, Minnesota
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Looking back on all these memories that contiue to fade.
Remeering how i held you beneath the trees stretching shade.
And missing how you loved meh, and all the words that you used to say.
there wasnt one thing i wouldnt do for you, no challenge, no task.
But now all that escapes my grasp.
are the tears that build and slowly fall.
No one around to hear my crys, no one around to hear my call.
What did i do wrong, why did u do this to meh.
cuz i cant seem to find a reason, i cant seem to see.
I gave you my all, i gave you my everything.
and you left meh here to cry and to bleed.
These tears i cry stream down my face.
Cuz somthing i didnt do, a simple mistake.
I lost what i had, somthing i cant find or replace..

The author's comments:
This poem is written for a girl i went out with. i tryed so hard to make her happy. i have her my all..i guess in the end i wasnt enough. all i got was heartbreak.

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