November 8, 2009
By justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
justkidding GOLD, Shelton, Connecticut
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The things you are made of
Are so so small
Smaller than your pinky
Isn’t that kinky?

They are called cells
And they make up everyone
And your great Aunt Cherry!

Even though they are small
Cells are made up of a lot of things
Including lysosomes, ribosomes, and mitochondria
Oh my!

The plasma membrane
Surrounds the cell
Is made from a phospholipid bilayer
Which looks like some trombone players

It keeps the shape of the cell
Lets stuff in and out
In order to keep
The balance as happy as black sheep

Once inside, every things covered in cytoplasm
A snot like substance
That’s clearer than a sunny day
But its thickness makes it hard to play

That’s what it’s supposed to do
To hold stuff down
And make sure it doesn’t move
To this, many organelles approve

The mitochondria keeps going
It never ever stops
Not for sleep
Not to take out the garbage heap

Its made of a thick fluid matrix
Inside a folded envelope of cristae
It helps with cellular respiration
Without hesitation.

Lysosomes are hungry
They’re a sac full of enzymes
That digest everything
From polymers to chicken wings

Filled with fluid
Covered in membrane
The vacuole gets ballooned out
With digested food and waste going out

Ribosomes are little cytoplasmic granules
They are very very small
And filled with RNA
Which work like the month of May

They are very important
The site of protein synthesis
Which is necessary for life
They’re cooler than a drum and fife

The Golgi apparatus is a stack of pancakes
It deals with all of the chemical products
It receives, refines, stores and distributes
That’s all they contribute

Rough endoplasmic reticulum
Its membrane folded in complicated sacs
With ribosomes covering it
Like jimmies on ice cream, what a hit

It makes membranes and proteins
And transports stuff through the cell
Also known as rough ER
It acts like the road for cars

With rough ER comes smooth ER
Sleek and soft, no ribosomes cover its surface
Producing and digesting lipids for fun
They are more pleasing than a loved one

The nuclear membrane is very simple
No complicated parts or functions
All it is, is a membrane that surrounds the nucleus
Wasn’t that easy?

The most important part of the cell
Is a membrane enclosed ball
The nucleus is like a brain
Just as smart as the scholars from Maine

It controls many functions of the cell
And contains DNA
That’s a very special feat
For something without feet

Inside the nucleus is something small
That’s shaped like a ball
The nucleolus is where RNA is made
As are ribosomes, the nucleolus goes unpaid

Finally I am done
The story of cells is over
Now that you know
You may say that cells are in every Joe.

The author's comments:
poem for biology... my teacher is crazy awesome :D

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