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The Model Girl

December 4, 2009
By angier GOLD, Centerville ,Pa, Pennsylvania
angier GOLD, Centerville ,Pa, Pennsylvania
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The Perfect Girl Vs. Not So Perfect Girl
The Perfect Girl:
Long Blonde curls...
Big deep blue eyes
Perfect Complexion
Acne Free
A long curvy body
Tanned skin
Tight to her bones
Perfect Legs
Leading to her
Tiny feet in little sandals
Pink Toe nails flashing out.

The Not so Perfect Girl:
Strait dark brown hair
A choppy cut
Dark brown eyes surrounded by a dark frame
Pale face
Loads of acne
Pin strait body
Flat as a pancake
Even with a tight middle and abs of steel
Her long lanky legs
Big oversized feet
Covered in Flat Skater Sneakers

Back to the Perfect Girl:
The long blonde curls- grow out of style
The deep blue eyes growing older will soon be surrounded in a frame
The stress and worry to fit in will soon breakout her perfect face and acne will become more noticeable
Her long curvy body gets her attention from the boys …which leads to another fight with her boyfriend
The skin so tight seems to suffocate her …don’t eat this …vomit this later
Those perfect legs always seem to ache with pain from the exercise
Determined to stay fit
Her tiny feet never seem to fit in Cinderella’s Glass Slippers

Not so Perfect Girl:
Her strait dark brown hair secretly makes girls jealous
The choppy cut seems to rock her out.
Her dark brown eyes even with a frame
Caught a looking eye
As he caress her pale face
He doesn’t seem to notice
Her pin strait body
Helps her glide through the water
Making her middle even tighter
Those long lanky legs and big flat feet
Help her speed to the finish line first
With a Glass slipper at foot and a medal around her neck
It seems fit

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on Mar. 1 2010 at 7:14 pm
VioletsandVoice, Spiritwood, North Dakota
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I liked your piece very much it was popularity from a perspective i had't really considered before. also I love cinderella so the glass slipper thing was a big hit with me :)