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Who Knew This Would Happen

December 14, 2009
By LOST_LOV3_12 SILVER, North Zulch, Texas
LOST_LOV3_12 SILVER, North Zulch, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't let the world get to you. if you do, you're in for a world of pain and despair."

here we go again, fighting,
will it ever end?
im tired of all the drama and bull$&@*
it's pointless and dumb
we all have different view points,
i just wish they could all see that
but they dont know what's good for them
they get all up and in our kool-aid without knowin the right flavor
that just dont mix
we break apart and go our separate ways
it does no good cause now you want to go back to how it was
and all i can do is laugh and think "it'll just happen again, but lets give it another round in the boxing ring of love"

The author's comments:
this was inspired by a recent break up. it tore my life apart, but i tried to take it in a light stride. this isnt my best work, but it's just how i described my emotions

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