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Nothing Anyway

November 26, 2009
By LolCatzMcGee PLATINUM, London, Hawaii
LolCatzMcGee PLATINUM, London, Hawaii
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I guess I should explain
How I felt that day.

So I'll start at the beginning.

7am. I woke up. Picked up my bag. headed out the front door. Slammed it in my father's face. I had nothing left to say, anyway.

9am. Sat in my seat. Watched to other pupils follow like ants. That's really all they do, all day long. Follow the herd.

10am. Contemplated. Thought about my
Life. Nothing left to think, anyway.

12am. Waited until the clock struck 12.
Felt the metal cold against my thigh. Got out of my seat.

4pm. I did it. They're gone. Its over. My life can improve. But
Can it? The clarity, the constriction i thought
Would be gone. Its still here. No Better, No Worse.

4 30pm. I couldn't do it. Couldn't finish. I Can't.

I guess I should explain
how i felt that day. but the truth is
i felt nothing

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