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This isnt the way out

February 13, 2010
By AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
AMJaeh DIAMOND, Gallatin, Tennessee
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a few neurons can make us all a morons dont you think?

Life Without You is Something I Couldn't Imagine
That's like waiting for someone to kick your face in
What would i do if you wasn't here?
I know I would shed more than a thousand tears
its true important people have disowned you
its not from what you did its from what you didn't do
i need you here and i know I'm not the only one
think about your friends, think about your only sons
how would they be affected, can you see it
paint a mental picture, they would be devastated
you say they would be well taken care of, financially that is true
but mentally, physically and emotionally they would be hurt because of you
you don't want to put all that on your children
you don't want their last memory to be a siren
no matter what, they need you more than anyone
I am here for you always..our friendship just begun
in just a month we became so close
why so quickly no one knows
you cant just end it in an attosecond
because no matter what, I'm not lettin it
you say you're at your lowest point
i say go smoke an artificial joint
go get high...on life that is
cuz what your thinking is a bunch BS
yes life gets hard but life is what made you strong
Ive known you all my life which isn't that long
but you confide in me and i almost confide in you
but what you were thinking crushed me through and through
if you want you can tell me anything and everything
even if you say yes to him placing your finger in a diamond ring
so no matter what you do or say I'm someone you can always tell
i might be silent for a second...cuz I'm prolli thinkin what the h***
but its all good...just know you are NEVER alone
and i promise you I'm only as far away as the phone.
don't be shy don't hesitate go ahead ask me anything
I'm willing to start from the very beginning of everything
from the time i was a tot all the way till now
it may be a lil hard but ill figure out how
you say this is me this ain't even deep
but i had to let this out...some how writing helps me sleep
writing to me is so much easier me is only crazier
cuz i have to choose wisely what i say
why should i have to speak that way?
it took me 10 minutes to write this
and only 20 to revise and condense it
i could still be writing if it was early enough
this here Shay is a draft and its rough
just like life but when you show it to a friend
they proof read it only to make it smooth again

The author's comments:
What a friend would say to someone having negative thoughts about everything...and no this isnt a true story or anything its just a few thoughts i had in mind

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