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Memories of the Holocaust

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I am memories from the Holocaust that can never be forgotten.
I wonder how many families were torn apart and loved ones who never saw each other again once they entered a death camp.
I hear the joys and laughter of times before war.
I see the horrors behind death camp doors.
I want these times of mass murder to never come again.
I am the pain from a memory of the Holocaust that will never be forgotten.

I pretend that anything in memory is a happy time.
I feel haunted by the innocent lives lost to Hitlers madness.
I touch the lives of survivors and their children.
I worry that if I fade the terrible actions will happen again.
I cry for little children who never had a chance to live.
I am the nightmares from a memory of the Holocaust that should never be forgotten.

I understand that what was done will forever be burned into the survivors lives.
I say what happened and what was seen by my own eyes and felt by my own heart.
I dream of a future where war will never take innocent lives.
I try to share my knowledge with as many people as I can.
I hope no one will ver be sent to a prsion camp ever again.
I am the Memories of the Holocaust.

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