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Can't Let Go

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

I kept a barrier up to protect myself,
but for you I took it down.
I gave my heart to you
as the wall fell to the ground.
You took advantage of my love,
and put it off to the side,
and everyday it's your love
that I cant seem to find.
You gripped my heart so tightly
leaving my love to drain
I don't know why you pushed me away,
causing me so much pain.
If I could cut out the piece of my heart
that cared for only you,
then I would have no heart left
leaving me with nothing to start brand new.
As many times as you brought me down,
it's you that I can't deny.
My heart's been dropped more often than not,
yet I still cant say good-bye.
I feel so secure everytime we kiss,
but I never would have loved you
if I knew you'd end up like this.
I wish we could go back
to the way things use to be;
when I loved you
as much as you love me.
Something about you makes me carry on.
It's difficult to understand,
because in my heart i know you should be gone,
but to let you go? I just can't!

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I feel the same way about a certain someone.... it's really hard to let go. Same as you, I also can't figure out the reason why I'm holding on to him after all that he's done.