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Death of a Butterfly

May 8, 2008
By Anonymous

Death of a Butterfly

Ever see
A candle blow out
With nothing but a whisp of smoke
A whisper of a shout
What if I caught that whisp
And kept it close
To fill with forgotten memories
And echos of her you loved most

Then would you grieve
To know what you have lost
Then would you know
What love costs
More than a kiss
And flowers so fair
But a piece of your soul
When she ceases to be there

No matter how hard you breathe
There is never enough air
For you to tell and her to hear
How much you really care
So much of death
To be so unfair
So much pain
With a heart cut and laid bare

Now do you realize
What has come to pass
Although she is gone
She is not the past
She is every waking moment
Every thought tinged with her
Although not torment
The loss is still dear

Now you know
Love is forever
And so is death
Although you cant touch
You feel it none the less
And when you sleep and dream of things
Somewhere she rests
Her butterfly wings

"This will certify that the above work is completely original."

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