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May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Sitting, above the life that surrounds him.

Looking, at the children playing in the field that lies straight in front of him.

Thinking, about what life used to be.

Remembering, when this vast field in front of him was a forest.

Dreaming, of a time when he was a young sapling born from the mother earth.

Changing,the times are different now, he feels as though he is not wanted.

Worrying, that he, the last one, will be banished with the rest.

Wondering, about why the once worshiped trees, are now becoming looked down upon.

Dieing, the day has come, he feels the sharp knifes cutting through his aged bark.

Becoming, part of something new, part of something that he is not.

Losing the ability to help the ignorant humans survive.

Pondering about how the world would survive without the majestic trees of the forest.

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