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The Sunset

September 20, 2007
By Eric Frazier, Flower Mound, TX

The Sunset

Fruit Salad,
The remaining milk after fruit loops,
Christmas Morning,
Stain glass at the peak of a church chapel,
The New Year’s ball,
A king’s divine crown,
Bluebonnets and Indian paintbrushes lining the interstate,
A candy necklace,
Crowns wearing shoes too big for their feet,
A rainbow following April showers,
A Bunsen burner sprinkled with elements,
The Vegas Strip,
A bouquet of spring flowers,
Summertime snow cones,
A kaleidoscope vision of snow,
Di Vinci’s pallet after Mona Lisa,
Your proud parents smile,
Kissing your lover,
Her face, August 12, 4:00 A.M. in the street.

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