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Crazy little thing called love

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

What is with this feeling that we all have experienced? Some say its a fantasy, some say its surreal, and others feel it is the closest thing to magic there is. Different people experience different things with this crazy little thing called love. We experience this is so many different ways. From loving a parent, to loving friends and eventually, experiencing the wonders of falling in love. Loving parents and friends is easy, it is something we have naturally done since a young age. On the other hand, falling in love is completely different. No one can never be sure what the next day holds with love. He tells her, she are his everything, how perfect she are, and how in love he is with her. But truly, does this really mean anything? Why is it that the very next day, everything is over between them? There is nothing left between them. She sees him in the hall way, and she does not get any form of acknowledgment . She calls him three times a day, no answer. Where has everything gone between them? She doesn't understand how things can just disappear in an instant. She sits quietly on her bed at night, reading the notes he would write to her, expressing his love for her. She looks at the pictures of them around her room and wonders where she went wrong. What could she do to change this all? She would take him back in a heart beat. The poor girl goes to school every day, wondering if anything will change, and if she has another chance with him. She feels hopeless now yet she still longs for his love. Her very first true love has done nothing but destroy her. She is trying to recover from this, but she feels as if nothing can be the same anymore. She longs for him, another chance, and answers to why this all happened. Can anyone please help ME understand, this crazy thing called love.

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