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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


It was the seventh of December,
Not October or November,
It was the December of all Decembers
The December to remember.
On the darkest part of day
In a barn on a hill
Lived a widow named teddy
And her boyfriend Phil.
The couple had some boys
Brose, Chris, and Murray,
They had just as many girls,
Tut, Tee Tee, and Betty.
They were not very rich
Matter of fact they were poor,
They would all take turns
Robbing the local convenient store.
One day while walking
The family grew scared,
There was a humongous beast in the distance
With at least ten heads.
One head resembled Phil
Along with Teddy,
Another looked like tut,
Tee Tee and Betty.
It’s hideous said Chris
It’s awful said Murray,
Brose said nothing
As he took off in a hurry.
Quit being a punk said
Said a voice that seemed appalled,
It was Tut who took charge
As the bravest one of all.
The monster saw her face
And began to back away
The wrinkles and excess baggage
Made the creature disappear to this day.
Unfortunately shall I say
Their family’s still poor
But that monster with all those heads
Will show them to that family: Nevermore!!!!!

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