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My Bedtime Story

May 13, 2008
By Anonymous

Fall into a spell deeper than hell
My savior, my demon, my pinpointed drug
Reek of death and reek of blood
But deep inside I’m blissfully numb
Hands shaking, tears falling
Injecting the pressure deep in my vein
Filling with joy, but overcome with pain
I’m in heaven, I’m a god
Take a bite and taste your desires
Everything slows, replays, pauses
Her sweet seduction, too much for him to handle
But she smiles
Leading him to her wishful opportunity
My legs and arms are broken down with envy for the solid ground
The wallpaper flowers bend over crying
He crawls under my sheets with her
Twisting the knife with each tough and sigh
And then
The fog lifts, memory returns
Reeks of blood
Reeks of death
Caressing her blood matted hair
Whilst lying in depths of crimson
Alone together alone
Walking up the stairs
With a single red rose in tow
Intentions of Romance more profound
With each step I take
Finally reaching the door
As sounds of pleasure fill my ears
Throw it open and see her betrayal
The angel of the devil returned to his master
As he jumped through my second story window
Turn to see her deceiving face
The knife goes too deep
Releasing it from its bonds
Returning it to its rightful owner
One-cause you left me
Two-cause you found him
Three-cause I want to
Four-for my loneliness
Five-for my headaches
Six-for your lies
Seven-cause you deserve it
Eight-cause I can’t stop
Nine-cause you were better than needles
Ten-you killed me first
Killing myself from the inside out
Happily ever after below the waist
For this is my bedtime story

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