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The Martian Attack

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

There once was a planet, that was far far away,
Where there lived tiny earthlings, in the Galaxy of Milky Way.
The earthlies had tired to find extraterrestrial life,
All they ended up with, is fury and strife.
The earthlings looked all over Venus, Mercury, and Mars,
But all of the planets searched, unfortunately were too far.
The earthlies sent up one more craft to Mars,
They sent along with it some Milky Way bars.
The bars contaminated the planet, the hiding Martians were saw,
The Martians had decided that that was the last straw.
They got ready to attack, the blue and green planet,
They used a special bomb that is made of pure granite.
The Martians attacked and destroyed the whole place,
The destruction was seen, through all outer space.
With Mars all contaminated, they had no place to go,
The Martian king had decided, to go to Pluto.
The Plutians accepted the Martians, with wide open hands,
But the Martian could not survive the Plutian dry lands.
The next place they went, was the planet Uranus,
But the attitude toward them, is was pretty heinous,
The next place to go, they decided was the sun,
But all the hot lava made that planet no fun.
The final decision was to de-contaminate Mars,
The only known way, was the Milky Way bars.
They sent in a ship, to get into the craft,
They brought out the bars, on a very big raft.
The planet was saved,
The bars were destroyed,
But then the planet was blown up,
By a flying asteroid.

This will certify that the above work is completely original Evan Poquette

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on Feb. 28 2009 at 1:32 am
Samantha Violette BRONZE, Whitinsville, Massachusetts
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Thats funny dont ask why im looking at this i was looking up what articles came from whitinsville and yours popped up. Its pretty good.