War | Teen Ink


May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

Glass tears shatter into evaporation
Silence overcomes the chosen one
Chosen for what life , death
Violence sceams in one's hallowed life
Why must the young fight the war
Of misunderstandings,broken hearts,and shallow minds
Hard enough to fight the fight
Harder to lose it all in the corner's of one's mind
Fear cuts like a knife, in and out, and in again
A pool of blood in the valley of the dead
Chaos plunges into the darkness of tomorrow
The war inside rages on and ricochets into the terror
The tragedy lays on the surface of the broken
A whimper escapes one's stone heart
The rain soothes one's wretched soul
And helps tiny flowers grow in land long forgotten
The battle is still fought as it always will be
But inside the battlegrounds,light is shone and hope is restored
The war is put at rest for now, at least until the darkness comes again

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