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New Bends

May 14, 2008
By Anonymous

You’re standing at the surface
Of a pool with no ends.
You’ve left familiar waters
And ventured into new bends.

Your journey hasn’t even begun
But you’re already breathing hard,
Staring into the murky waters,
Watching rocks bombard.

You wade into the entrance.
You quickly submerge your head.
But now it’s time for trouble to come,
For there are rapids ahead.

You’ve already learned to swim,
But your skills are failing you.
You try so hard to reach to the top,
But there’s nothing you can do.

“Ouch,” you are hit by a wave.
“Ouch,” again once more.
A roaring wave above you
Washes your limp body ashore.

Despite your previous knowledge,
Despite propitious winds,
You just can’t seem to fight the current
That wants to pull you in.

You’re hesitant once more,
Afraid to jump back in.
But you know you have to do it
To make your story end.

You go once more.
Throw yourself in.
And to your surprised bewilderment,
You aren’t tossed again.

Instead of fighting it,
You decide to go along.
The water, almost as if to listen,
Sings you a mellow song.

It lets you pass by peacefully.
The end is now in sight.
Too bad this journey is just the start,
Of your sleepless nights.

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MKZala said...
on Apr. 25 2010 at 2:10 pm
WOW!!! this was amazing!!! great work!!!!