Football | Teen Ink


May 14, 2008
By Anonymous


The Friday night lights send shivers down my spine,
Going through the plays in my head,
Hoping I can depend on the protection of my offensive line,
Yes they have let me down before, we all mess up
But if they just block this one night, we have a shot at winning the cup.
We are lined up, ready to run on out
Ready to start the game, get mean, and show the other team what we are all about.
At last the first play is finally here
We have no advantages over the other team except the factor of fear.
I fear no one, large of small,
Because I know at the end of the battle we will win it all.
If we play our hardest every second of the game,
I know we will put the other team to shame.
We train everyday and are the most elite,
Ask anyone around, we are the best and cannot be beat.

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