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The Battle For Mind Body and Soul

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The Battle For Mind, Body, and Soul

I have always been this girl,
But I have never known my identity.
New boundaries are being drawn and redrawn every day,
For three separate entities are waging war
Within the confines of myself.

My Soul and Mind,
Taking turns, battling,
Betraying each other with every thought,
As if control over me
Is the ultimate victory.

The foes have even taken my body,
As a hostage, as a prisoner
In their never-ending duel.

My Mind and Soul have created this grand mentality,
But they tricked me into this body,
Knowing that my small frame
Isn’t large enough to house my entire personality.

So they push, and bend, and squeeze, and turn,
Until it all is locked away inside.
Inside this cramped little cage of flesh and bone.
My seams are bursting, loose ends starting to show.

But my body refuses to submit and fights back.
Letting my personality breath,
Letting it radiate outward,
Through my words, ideas, and feelings.

My Mind and Body thought to defeat each other,
And conquer me in the process,
But though they are both the stronger opponents,
The unlikely victor is my body.

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