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We're All The Same

May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

We’re All the Same

Go ahead, tell me I don’t belong
In this game of what’s right and what’s wrong
I see the looks and the stares
Of people who claim they don’t care.

You fight for your side, you fight for respect,
You think you’re the only side who is correct.
But you and me, the jock, the punk and the geek,
We’re all the same, we’re all weak.
We’ve made mistakes, we’ve caused too much pain.
They’re not good enough, they look too plain.
We lie, we harass and we deceive,
It’s what we do, it’s what we believe.

We don’t think twice about what we’ve done,
In this high school, where no battle has yet been won.
But you and me; the prep, the outcast and the nerd,
We’re all the same, our vision is blurred.

Laughter causes the most pain,
When used for our personal gain,
Say what you want in this game,
It all means the same.

You say you don’t care, you don’t have a clique,
You can go from group to group, just take your pick.
But at the end of the day, the things we say and the things we do
Disagree with our actions of the people we talk to.

There is no difference between what you do and who you blame.
We’re all the same.
So why can’t you see,
There is no game of you versus me.

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