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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous


Wishing: A Girl In A Dress

Does she know I exist? Of course she does, what kind of stupid question is that? I talk to her every time I see her. Today she is wearing a dress. She is beautiful, whether she thinks so or no. But she’s in love, the guy is a total jerk, he broke her heart and won’t let her forget it. Do I ask her out? Do I tell her how I feel? No. I don’t

Thinking: A Girl In Distress

Her parents are divorced. She’s afraid that her dad is going to take her away from her friends. She talks to me about things like that. I listen. I tell her about my problems. She listens. I know she likes me. Do I like her? Yes, I think. When my friends ask I tell them I don’t. But I’m lying, I think.

Dreaming: A Girl In A Dream

She stands in front of me. We Kiss. We kiss again. Wow. I’ve known her for years now. We’re friends, not particularly close friends, but friends. But in all this time I’ve never thought of her like this before. I realize now how pretty she is. Why couldn’t I see before? But when I wake up we’ll just be friends again. I’ll never look at her the way I used to, not after we kissed the way we kissed, not after this dream. Will I tell her?

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