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Footprints in the Sand.

March 14, 2010
By jbrantley GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
jbrantley GOLD, San Antonio, Texas
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Her heart is breaking, her legs are shaking.
She hopes they believe in the smile she's faking.
He kissed her goodbye and left her behind.
Now she's left alone, and she can't rewind.
His voice, his touch, the smile on his face.
Everything's gone and it all left without a trace.
His sweater gripped tightly in her hands.
All the thoughts consuming of all their unfulfilled plans.
She stands up to see, to look at her reflection.
But instead all she sees is her own self's rejection.
The weight that she's losing, her skin as it fades.
She won't eat and she hasn't for days.
The stranger staring back at her plants a smile on it's face.
But she can see past it, and tell that it's fake.
She's tired of waiting, searching for truth.
She's sick of missing him and not knowing what to do.
Her now sick reflection would taunt her for years.
At the realization of this, her eyes filled with tears.
They fell to the ground and she remembered him well.
A memory of him came with each drop that fell.
There were memories of happiness, and a few of joy.
But then there were those of a dangerous boy.
The boy that would hurt her, and laugh as she screamed.
The boy that would haunt her and consume her dreams.
She remembered the nights of tears, razors, and pain.
She stared down at the scars that would never go away.
And with those simple thoughts, it all made sense.
This was for the best. It was goodbye, good ridance.
Goodbye to the pain and to the thoughts of self doubt.
And hello to the life she once dreamed about.
She may have thought she loved him, but those thoughts began to fade.
And finally a real smile of strength spread across her face.
She went to her dad's toolbox, and grabbed the hammer.
Standing in front of the mirror, she hit it, it shattered.
The image she'd made of herself went away as the pieces hit the floor.
She didn't need him, she deserved a lot more.
She was free, and strong, and better than this.
And finally she didn't miss the feeling of his kiss.
Like footprints in the sand blown away by the wind.
He was gone now, and couldn't hurt her again.

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