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To feel the way I Feel

May 16, 2008
By Anonymous

"If tomorrow you were gone,
I would jump up and down with great joy.
I would be free of you
hogging the swings at recess and not passing me the ball in gym.
I would be free of you
pulling at my braids and making fun of the way I walk.

If tomorrow you were gone,
I so would seem confused.
No wonder you wanted to be my partner,
if you were gonna be gone, so I would have to do all the work for you.
No wonder I would be able to understand.

If tomorrow you were gone,
I would be very sad. Cry,
is what I would do, because you were not here and for you were a one that I held dear.
I would be sorry for my past, and what I had done to upset you.
I would worry for my sake and worry for the sake of your being.

If tomorrow you were gone,
I would be alone.
No one to be at my side when I walk the streets at night, nobody to hide behind.
Not a person would be there to ‘God bless you’ when I sneeze,
no one to calm my nerves or to play with in the snow.

If tomorrow you could be gone,
I’m so sure that you would go.
Not a reason for you to stay and not a reason to even say good bye.
I would watch you leave without a hug, just simply a little shrug,
for all that you thought of me was just the girl next door.
You’d never know how I felt, for it would be too late,
for courage is what I lack to tell you what by I mean.
It is too late.
Too late to say: I miss you."

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CConnally said...
on Aug. 5 2008 at 5:19 pm
What an awesome poem! She is truly a talented an insightful writer!