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I Can Forget

May 18, 2008
By Kendra Guinness, Ringoes, NJ

What is this world coming to?
When I have to say that I hate you.
I thought that you would see me through
Now my heart fills with regret

How could I ever believe
In someone I’ll from now on perceive
As a traitor, who will turn his back and leave
His friends with nothing, and yet…

Somehow, right now,
I can forget

As I go on pretending not to care,
I cannot help but be aware,
That there is still one thing we share.
Something, I know, we both can see

In a moment, the curtain will rise
And we both will speak so many lies
Under at least a thousand eyes,
For you are not you, and I am not me

Somehow, right now,
We both forget

The plot thickens, and we both sense,
The audience is growing tense.
We speak our words with confidence,
Though the story we tell is tragic

We laugh and cry and scream and yell,
And though everything is all quite well,
The audience is under our spell,
And that is truly magic

Somehow, right now,
We all forget

Finally the curtain falls,
After all the fake arguments and brawls,
We proudly take four curtain calls,
Together, as friends

But now the audience can see,
We are not who we used to be,
Now you are you, and I am me,
And our alliance ends

And now, somehow,
I wish I could still forget

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