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Nature's Yield.

May 21, 2008
By exoticfall GOLD, Windham, Maine
exoticfall GOLD, Windham, Maine
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Clouds roll off the mountain tops.
feel so other worldly- not inhabiting this earth.
has a home- here on earth as each cloud has dots of blue scattered in its epic mass.
they will form a porridge-like mush in the sky, losing all individuality as a thunderstorm rolls in.
the clouds in the beauty of the heavens, turn your back until you feel the thunder, and once you hear it, its all gone.
clouds are mush and you missed out on something great-each cloud's ego screaming as its pulled sloppily together like a poor painters work. Soon your pyramid will fall, and as the rainbow fades like your life, you will see that you have missed out.
shunned nature with every fiber of your being- never letting go of your pass grudges against heaven on earth. You you don’t care what the face of the earth is- as long as your own personal agenda gets it fill your fine.
need to look down a mountain- lakes looking like puddles, trees like colored toothpicks, and other mountains bullying the smaller ones in natures school ground.

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